Monday, December 29, 2008


Here are a few pictures from Christmas! We truly had a great time! We didn't exactly know how it was going to be with our IUI not working and Jamie's grandfather passing a few weeks ago, but all in all it turned out great! We are truly blessed to have such great family members! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!! God Bless!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Since this is my first blog I feel like I need to explain all that is going on in our lives so that our later posts will make sense....
For a year and half now we have been trying to conceive a child, but have unfortunately been diagnosed with infertility. It's something that you have no clue how bad it hurts unless you are going through it yourself. Monthly you are left heartbroken and in tears when you find out that it was another unsuccessful month. This past month has been ecspecially hard because it was our first big fertility treatment and it had been exactly a year since I did get pregnant, but lost it in January. I am on some medication that stimulates my body and then this month we did a procedure called an IUI (aka artificial insemenation). It took an emotional toll on my emotions and body and I guess it made it worse being around Christmas, ecspecially when I found out it didn't work the day before Christmas Eve. It hurts, but I'm okay and so is Jamie. We both trust in God and His great plan for our lives!! Trust me, there are times where I do not understand, but I still trust and continue to pray for peace and understanding. Right now we are debating on next months plan. We have 4 options.... 1. do another IUI, 2. save the money for the IUI and apply it to IVF, 3. go on Lupron for 6 months (a medication that will basically send me into menopause temporarily), or 4. just take a break from everything. Right now I'm leaning towards the break! I think Jamie and I need it and I'm not ready to go into menopause. I have also been considering the adoption route. Looking at some websites and requesting information. On Christmas Eve we spent the evening with my Aunt and Uncle (who were also diagnosed with infertility)and their son Sam who was adopted from China. His personality is amazing and he loves his parents more than anything. Spending time him made me think that adoption might be in my heart. But right now that is just something we are looking at. Everything is so expensive, it's hard to make a decision on something like that! I know that God is going to lead us where we need to go and He will bless us with so much more than we ever asked for! Please continue to pray for us and our journey! More than anything we need peace, understanding and patience!!! =) God bless you all!!!