Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6 weeks!!

Sound asleep!!!!
Found my thumb last night!!!
Chubby cheeks!
When everyone told me to enjoy each moment because it will fly by, I never really took it to heart until now! It seems like I just got pregnant and now Avery is 6 weeks!!! I cannot believe how fast she is growing!!! It amazes me each day how much she changes and the new things that she will do!!! As a dental hygienist I should not be excited about this, however it was too cute not to be...Last night Avery found her thumb for the first time! She has sucked on her hand and fingers, but never her thumb, so when she found it I had to get a picture!!! Also, now that we are beginning the transition to formula, she is sleeping MUCH better!! She even took a nap on her tummy today which is huge because normally when I lay her on her stomach she cries instantly!! YAY!! We are also beginning the transition to her crib. It will take a while, but we will get there. Since she likes being surrounded I think I have found a method to getting her in the crib. I have a moses basket with a sleep positioner in it. She is sleeping in that in her pack and play in our room. Once she begins sleeping through the night we will move the basket into her crib. Once she is adjusted to that we will put her sleep position on her crib and get her adjusted to that and eventually have her alone in the crib. SO, that is the game plan...we shall see how it goes!!! =)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A smile that warms your heart!!!

This week Avery has began smiling ALL of the time when I play with her cheeks! It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I never knew one smile could mean so much to me, but each time she smiles her whole face lights up and it just melts my heart! If I am lucky I will even get a little chuckle! =) Life is amazing and we feel so blessed that God has allowed us to be Avery's parents! She brings so much joy into our lives!!! God is so GOOD!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1 month Dr. appt

Today we had our 1 month check up and I could not wait to see how Avery was progressing! She weighed 10llbs 2oz and is 23 inches long! She is a little chunk and I LOVE it!!! She is in the 95% in length and 75% weight! She had to have her little heel pricked and then get a shot and she did not like it at all!!! It broke my heart knowing that it hurt her! But she stopped crying pretty quickly! The nurse went ahead and gave me the heads up for next months round of shots!
The dr. said that Avery is still doing wonderful and is perfect which is always music to my ears!!!
On another note...I had absolutely noooo idea how hard it is to get myself and her ready alone and today I got to experience that first hand! Her appt was first thing this morning and I was running around like a chicken with their head cut off! It was craziness! Today was the first time I have gotten her out alone and it was really her first time out in public besides her first dr. visit. I know each time it will get easier, but boy this morning was crazy! Next time, we will have a later appt and I will definately have everything ready the night before!!! =)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 1 month!!!

I cannot believe that Avery is already 1 month old! It blows my mind how fast it has gone by!!! We are getting better with a schedule. She still eats every21/2-3 hours, every 2 at night (=no sleep for mommy)! She is much more alert these days! She will follow objects and will follow mommy or daddy with her eyes. She loves her swing and bouncey seat. She is still sleeping in our room in her pack and play. We are having a hard time getting her use to laying on flat surfaces, she loves to be surrounded but we are working on it and hopefully will get her into her crib soon. Bath time is still not her favorite, but she is beginning to get use to it!! She is changing and growing so much everyday! It amazes me! She smiles a lot, but it's not in response to anything yet. Normally its while she is sleeping and sometimes it sounds like she even laughs in her sleep! We go to the Dr. this week and I cannot wait to see how much weight she has gained and how much she has grown in length. She has definitely gained weight!! I can feel it when I'm holding her and you can see it in her thighs!! I love all the little rolls!! She has also just about grown out of newborn sizes and she hasn't even had a chance to wear all of her newborn stuff yet!!
As for Jamie....well lets say he was TRULY welcomed into fatherhood last night! He was holding Avery and knew she was filling up her diaper and was waiting until she was done to change her. When he got up, he realized that Avery's diaper had leaked all over him...hands, arm, shirt and all!! The look on his face was priceless!! I wish I had a picture of that!! But he handled it very well and cleaned her all up first and then himself!! Too funny!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Years!!

My Beautiful Princess!!!

She LOVES her swing!!!

getting my first bottle!

Happy New Years! Can you believe it is already 2010?? That is just crazy to me! I'm sad to see 2009 go because it was such a special year for us, however we cannot wait to see what 2010 holds!! As for NYE, we did absolutely nothing!! And it was wonderful! Jamie didn't even make it til 12 but Avery and I were able to watch the ball drop! Her sleeping patterns have gotten much better! She eats every 2 1/2 -3 hours during the day, but at night she will go every 3 hours (3 1/2-4 if we're lucky!) until waking to feed!! She has also gotten into the routine of eating and going back to sleep instead of staying wide awake at 3am! Thank goodness!!!! She is definitely growing and yes....she still has hair! Woohoo!! We are still figuring things out ecspecially when it comes to breastfeeding and what upsets her tummy and what doesn't! It breaks my heart when I know something I have eaten hurts her, so I've been playing it as safe as possible! However, last night she had an upset tummy so we decided to try out giving her a bottle with milk previously pumped and she did great!! I'm glad to know that we have that option of being able to bottlefeed her if I am not around, plus it will give Jamie the opportunity to feed her as well!! Speaking of Jamie....he is already wrapped around her little finger! And he will admit it too!! He is such an amazing father! I love watching him hold, love and kiss her! It is the sweetest thing ever! I know there is always a bond between the parents and child, but there is something so very special about a father and daughter! It is beautiful!!!!
This past Saturday we took our newborn photos and they turned out great!!! We used Mari Wilkes photography who I actually found through looking at friend's blogspots and I came across her blog and fell in love with her work! She is absolutely amazing and was wonderful with Avery! You can preview some of our pics on her blog www.mariwilkes.blogpsot.com!!!

Now the sad part....our other daughter AKA Daisy is not doing so well with Avery! She is not aggressive or anything, but she is going through some serious seperation anxiety and it is not good!! She is depressed and acting out just to get our attention. Everyone kept saying give it 2 weeks, well Avery is 3 weeks now and Daisy is still not getting adjusted and honestly I don't know how much more I can take of it. I feel horrible for Daisy because since we have had her, she has been our child and always the center of attention and she isn't anymore! If we can find her a good home we are going to give her away to a family who can love her like she is used to being loved! It breaks my heart, but it really isn't fair to Daisy to be neglected!! So if anyone knows of someone who would like a beautiful miniature dachshund please let me know!!!!