Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Shower #1/ 7 months

Brenda and I
A few of the girls from work!
The 3 preggos...Courtney 4 mo., Me 7 mo. and Jessica 7 1/2 mo.
This past Sunday I had my first baby shower and it was tons of fun! Avery is definitely not going to be without anything!! My mothers best friend Brenda Day was the hostess and she did an amazing job! She made all of Avery's bedding for me as my gift which turned out beautiful!!! We have gotten all of the funiture in and set up, however I haven't decided on what color to paint the walls yet! I am officially 7 months as of Monday...yay! Only 10-11 weeks left to go!!!! It's so hard to believe she will be here that soon! We are going this Friday to have our 4D done and we are both so excited to get a small glimpse of what our little miracle looks like! I will try to post those photos this weekend!! I hope you all have an amazing week! God Bless!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

6 months!!!!

I cannot believe I am already at the six month mark!! It is amazing how fast this pregnancy has flown by!!! Avery is officially moving in full force these days! My ultrasound techs and Dr. A said she is a very active baby!! I had my glucose test a few weeks ago...not too bad, but not much fun!! Good news is that I passed the test! YAY! We did have a scare last week, I began spotting some so I called the Dr. office and they saw me right away. First thing they did was an ultrasound and God knew exactly how to calm my soon as we saw her, she was holding her foot and trying to get it up to her mouth! She was perfect, playing away!!! Just knowing she was okay was such a relief! Dr. A said everything looked fine, it was just some unexplained spotting and nothing to be concerned about! Such a blessing! We are slowly getting everything ready for her arrival, my bedding is complete but I haven't been able to see it yet! I cannot wait! I know it is going to be beautiful!!! Anyways, I will post some new pics soon!! I hope you all have an amazing a blessed day!!!