Saturday, November 20, 2010


So when people told me that you barely have time for yourself when you become a mommy....I now believe you! I feel horrible for being such a blog slacker, but I will try to get back on track!! So here is everything in a nutshell to catch you up on the Kyser family....

Avery is now walking...EVERYWHERE! She is non-stop on the go! Always talking, laughing, playing! She can say mama, dada, nana, GinGin, bye, hey, no, stop, thank you and lots of jibber jabber! She has 2 1/2 teeth and will hopefully be cutting more soon! She LOVES eating! I have never in my life seen a child eat so much! =)! She isn't into TV much, but if you pop in a Praise Baby DVD she is amazed! Jamie and I never knew how much joy a child would bring into your life! She is such a blessing to us! She is out of the loving/ cuddle phase because she is so busy all of the time, but people say that does come back! (sometimes!) Right now we are busy planning her first birthday party! I am excited, but sad at the same time! She has grown up WAY too fast! It is crazy that not even 11 months ago she was in my belly and now she is a walking, talking, tempermental, joyful, happy baby! That is something else that makes me sad....once they turn one they are no longer in the baby category...she will now be a TODDLER! So sad!

Anyways, just wanted to catch up a little! I promise not to slack (As much) as I have been! =) Enjoy the new pics!!!