Tuesday, November 24, 2009

updated belly pics

33 weeks

34 weeks

35 weeks

9 months!!!!!

My sweet hostess Joy, Hayley and Judy!!

The proud grandmothers!

This past Sunday was my last shower and it turned out great!!!! Jamie and I are so blessed to have so many friends and family members!!! I am officially considered FULL TERM so if Avery were to come today, they would not stop her!! I had my weekly visit yesterday and Dr. A said my cervix is already thinning out and her head is very low! He said there is no way I would make it to 12/22 and is still talking about poss inducing 12/11 or 12/14! So we shall see!!! I already have Avery's bag packed and have begun packing mine so that we will be ready just in case I do go into labor. I will keep you all posted weekly after each visit!! I hope everyone has a blessed and safe Thanksgiving!!!! God Bless!

Monday, November 16, 2009

35 Weeks!!!!

I cannot believe I am already 35 weeks!! This pregnancy has FLOWN by and I have loved every minute of it!!! I had my 35 weeks check up today and Dr. A said Avery is still "perfect"! He is guessing she weighs about 6lbs now and thinks she will weigh about 7lb 12oz at birth (just a guess though)! We also discussed inducing today more than before. Originally I said I did not want to be induced, but the more I think about it, the more seperation I want between her birthday and Christmas! Her 40wk mark is Dec. 22nd and he said he will typically induce within 10 days of the due date. Soooo he said we will either induce of Fri. Dec. 11 or Mon. Dec. 14th! Just having a time frame narrowed down excites me!!! I cannot believe she will be here that soon!!! We have her nursery complete now and I love to just go in there and look at everything!! I have my last shower this weekend so I will post pics on Monday after my Dr. visit! I hope you all have an amazing week! Thank you for all of your prayers!!! God Bless!!!

FUN preggo questionnaire
Due date: Dec. 22nd is the 40 wk mark!
How many weeks: 35
Gender: Girl
Planned or unplanned: Well, we were trying for 2 years and the one month they put me on BC to shrink some cysts (that we did not try) we got pregnant!
How much weight gained: 28 pounds
Latest food craving: Nothing really!! I haven't really had any food cravings!
Food adversions: Mexican!
Worst thing about being pregnant: absolutely nothing!!!
Best thing about being pregnant: the feeling of our sweet miracle moving!!!
Are you more scared or excited: EXCITED!!
First person you told was: Jamie
Happy or Moody: Happy
Weirdest dream since being pregnant: too many to name!
Who will the baby look like: I think she will be a good combination of us both!! People have mistaken Jamie and I as siblings before! We have a lot of similarities!!!
When did you start to show: 15 weeks
When did you feel the first fetal movement: about 22 weeks
Formula or breastfeeding: BF hopefully!!!!
Do you talk to your baby: all of the time
Energy level: mine has been good until the past few weeks! The no sleep nights are catching up with me!
Belly button: Poking out
Milestones: there have been SO many!!!
What are you looking forward to the most: finally getting to meet, hold and love on our precious miracle!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Sorry it has been so long since my last post!!! We have had a lot going on! So to update....
We now have a precious new nephew who was born October 12, 2009 weighing 5lbs 15oz! He was born 5 weeks early and has been in the NICU since birth. He is doing very well now, but it started off pretty rough for the little guy! Thank you to everyone for your prayers for Grant, Jason and Lisa!
As for me, I am doing great! I am now 33 weeks and steadily growing!!! I had an appt with Dr. A yesterday and he said everything is still "perfect"! Avery continues to roll, punch and kick ALL of the time! I am amazed at how big she has gotten and how active she is! I have not had any contractions or anything yet, so we are still expecting to carry full term! I just cannot wait to meet her and see her precious face!! Her nursery is pretty much complete, minus curtains and a few paintings!! I love just walking in there and looking around! I do believe I have gotten into my "nesting" phase! I am always cleaning, organizing or doing something! I normally don't post close up belly pics, but I have had several people ask for them so here we go!! This one was taken at 31 weeks!
Emily and Mrs. Barbara hosted shower #3!

We also had our halloween festival at our church which turned out great! Our Sunday school class did a street car which we decorated as a farm and our dogs were the farms animals! The kids loved the dogs and seemed to have a blast!!!