Thursday, July 30, 2009

Half way there!!!!

Yesterday we had our 20 week visit (a few days early) and everything looks great!!! Dr. A said Avery is "Perfect"! That was music to my ears! Everyday I pray for her and that she continues to grow strong and healthy and just to hear that she is doing wonderful was such a blessing! I am finally able to feel here move and kick, I honestly didn't know what on earth it was at first, but once it kept happening I figured it all out! We are slowly getting ready for her arrival and she already has a closet FULL of clothes, my mom is making all sorts of stuff for her, I have picked out the fabrics for her bedding and we are ordering furniture this week!!! I have had so much fun shopping for her!!!

I have the video from our US yesterday and I will get it up as soon as I can figure it out! She is definitely a little dancer! She is moving all around in the video, but finally goes to sleep at the end! It still amazes me how I can love someone so much who I have never even met! She is such a blessing to Jamie and I!! I just can't wait to meet her! I hope everyone is doing great! God Bless!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank heaven for little Girls...

We are going to be blessed with a precious baby GIRL!!! Her name is Avery Elizabeth!! I am 16 wks and 4 days today and so far pregnancy has been wonderful! I'm already planning our next one!! =) Still haven't felt much movement or kicking, or if I am I don't know it yet. We have already begun buying several items for Avery and we are working on her bedroom furniture and bedding. Once we make some decisions I will post the pics!! Jamie made his first purchase for Avery which of course is the Alabama outfit!! The belly bump is actually coming out now and I sometimes look pregnant, however for the most part people really cannot tell yet! I'm sure it will be bigger than I ever imagined soon! Everyday I thank God for this amazing miracle within me! I am still amazed that I am even pregnant! God is so faithful and absolutely amazing! Thank you all for your prayers! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! I will put up some new pictures soon!!! God Bless!!!!