Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Madness....

I cannot believe how fast March how flown by! Sorry for the blog slacking, but with a baby it's hard to find time these days! Avery is growing up so fast! I cannot believe in 2 weeks she will be 4 months already!! Here is what we are up to:
-still sleeping through the night, now just trying to transition her into her crib and out of the swaddle.
-rolling over from tummy to back and trying back to tummy.
-can almost sit up by herself
-eating 6-8oz every 3-4 hours
-LAUGHING...all out laughing, no longer a chuckle! It's the cutest thing!
-still doesn't care too much for tummy time
-loves being outdoors
We are absolutely loving every moment with her! She is such a blessing to Jamie and I and we feel so blessed to have her as our child. She is perfect!!!! God is Good!

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