Thursday, February 18, 2010

tears, tears and more tears....

Avery at her 2 month check-up
Daisy monitoring bathtime!
Before her 1st day of MDO!
After her 1st day of MDO!
Mrs. D~ Avery's teacher!!
Ready for church!
Best friends already!
A with her valentine's day goodies!
Sound asleep!!!
There has been a lot going on the past few weeks so I decided it was time to give an update! The title tears, tears and more tears is EXACTLY what has been going on....for me that is!!! HA! Here are the updates:
-Avery had her 2 month check-up with Dr. W last Monday! She weighs 12.9lbs and is 24 inches long! She is in the 95% on both height and weight! She is a healthy little baby!!! She also had to get 2 shots at this visit. I made Jamie come with me to this visit because I knew she was going to get the shots and I didn't want to have to be the one to hold her still! Anyways, so Jamie held her as she got her shots and she screamed for a second with each one. Hearing her "pain" cry just absolutely broke my heart because I had never heard it before, so I was crying like a baby!!! Avery is smiling afterwards and i was trying to regroup! HA!
-Because I knew I was going to be a basketcase putting A in daycare I decided to go ahead and do a few "trial run" days to help me adjust to things before my first day back at work. I am so blessed to be able to leave her with women I know and trust and that has been helpful! But even dropping her off and trying to leave her...I cried like a baby! AGAIN! She was smiling in her carseat and they were comforting me!! She ended up doing good and we have gone a few other times and I haven't cried, until yesterday! Yesterday she rode in the car with her grandmother for the first time (she hasn't ridden in the car with anyone else without me being there!) and I was a nervous wreck and again...I cried! I never knew being a mommy could bring sooo many fears and tears!! I have never been a very nervous person, never really worried about anything and now it is a whole new story! I am worrying myself sick...literally! I hope this gets better soon!!!!
-Updates on Daisy: I am very glad that I did not give her away! I can already see her and A being best friends! If A is on the floor Daisy is there with her, when I give A a bath...Daisy watches! Anytime I'm holding A, Daisy is at our side! Its really cute!!!
-Lastly: We had A's first Vday!!! I've never really been a big fan of Vday, but even the small silly holidays are so much fun with a little one!!! I loooove buying her stuff! I'm ecspecially addicted to buying her any outfit that says "my first ______"! We already have one for St. pattys day and Easter!! They are just such cute keepsakes! I love it!!!!
-Avery is "talking" a ton now! Her smile, laugh and coos brighten my day!! She makes the cutest faces when she is trying to talk, you can tell she is going to have very animated facial expressions!! Jamie and I are so blessed to be her parents!!!!

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Josh and Beth said...

So glad to see you were able to keep Daisy!! I love the burp pic of Avery....Sully does the same thing!! Good luck next week...I will be praying for you!