Monday, February 15, 2010

2 months!!!!

This past week has been full of fun!!! First off, last weekend we went to visit Jason, Lisa, Luke and Grant! That was the first time we were able to meet Grant out of the hospital and be able to hold and love on him! This was also the first time they were all able to meet Avery! It was lots of fun seeing all of the kiddos together! We also had Patty Cakes made!! I can't wait to see how they turned out! Then we had the snow on Friday!!! This past weekend was also Avery's first Valentine's Day!! So we have had lots of firsts recently!!!
Avery updates: She weighs 12lbs 9oz and is 24 inches long. She can hold her head up and is beginning to push herself up when she is laying on her tummy!! She loves sucking on her thumb and bath time! She is sleeping thru the night normally 6-8 hours! She smiles, laughs, coos and tries to talk ALL of the time! She is such a happy baby...atleast until she gets hungry! =) We are so blessed!!! Every day is so much fun! We are loving every moment!!!
We also had her 2 month check up today! Her dr. said she still looks perfect! She is in the 95 percentile for weight AND height! She is a chunky little thing!!! Also, she had 2 shots today and had an oral vaccine. She seemed to like the liquid! When she got the shots I made Jamie hold her!! She cried with the initial prick and then would be fine! I however, cried the ENTIRE time!! It broke my heart hearing her cry because something hurt her! In the end I was worse off than she was!!! =)

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