Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6 weeks!!

Sound asleep!!!!
Found my thumb last night!!!
Chubby cheeks!
When everyone told me to enjoy each moment because it will fly by, I never really took it to heart until now! It seems like I just got pregnant and now Avery is 6 weeks!!! I cannot believe how fast she is growing!!! It amazes me each day how much she changes and the new things that she will do!!! As a dental hygienist I should not be excited about this, however it was too cute not to be...Last night Avery found her thumb for the first time! She has sucked on her hand and fingers, but never her thumb, so when she found it I had to get a picture!!! Also, now that we are beginning the transition to formula, she is sleeping MUCH better!! She even took a nap on her tummy today which is huge because normally when I lay her on her stomach she cries instantly!! YAY!! We are also beginning the transition to her crib. It will take a while, but we will get there. Since she likes being surrounded I think I have found a method to getting her in the crib. I have a moses basket with a sleep positioner in it. She is sleeping in that in her pack and play in our room. Once she begins sleeping through the night we will move the basket into her crib. Once she is adjusted to that we will put her sleep position on her crib and get her adjusted to that and eventually have her alone in the crib. SO, that is the game plan...we shall see how it goes!!! =)

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The Olives. Matt, Chandler and Hudson said...

Summer, I came across your blog by way of Jessica Cox's blog. Your little girl is beautiful, Congratulations!