Thursday, January 14, 2010

1 month Dr. appt

Today we had our 1 month check up and I could not wait to see how Avery was progressing! She weighed 10llbs 2oz and is 23 inches long! She is a little chunk and I LOVE it!!! She is in the 95% in length and 75% weight! She had to have her little heel pricked and then get a shot and she did not like it at all!!! It broke my heart knowing that it hurt her! But she stopped crying pretty quickly! The nurse went ahead and gave me the heads up for next months round of shots!
The dr. said that Avery is still doing wonderful and is perfect which is always music to my ears!!!
On another note...I had absolutely noooo idea how hard it is to get myself and her ready alone and today I got to experience that first hand! Her appt was first thing this morning and I was running around like a chicken with their head cut off! It was craziness! Today was the first time I have gotten her out alone and it was really her first time out in public besides her first dr. visit. I know each time it will get easier, but boy this morning was crazy! Next time, we will have a later appt and I will definately have everything ready the night before!!! =)

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